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Upcoming Music Festivals 2020

Don’t you agree that life without music wouldn’t the best of its kind. In this world, everyday one would look out for escapes and music is that one great escape for anyone to relive, refresh and detox from the hectic life schedule and enjoy the most of yourself. Well, it’s the beginning of the year and it already has brought in so much for you, the concerts and music festivals are all lined up for you to come and be a part of most happening festivals in our very own country, India. Though there are lot of resources for you to gather information but its not necessary that you would have been reach out. So, this article is just a reminder of all those music festivals that’s is going to take place in India and so, you can avail yourself the early bird tickets.

Check out the list of upcoming music festivals below;

Magnetic Field

Magnetic field is set to bring a storm and show the taste of music to the people residing at Rajasthan. Every year this festival is held in December which means you surely have loads of time to work on your schedule and plan for a trip with your folks. Known for a boutique festival experience, the festival targets to promote the newbees to the industry along with great legendary music artists.

Mahindra Blues

Being Asia’s largest blues music festival, every year this magnificent music festival is held in the citry of dreams which is none other than the most happening city in India, Mumbai and every year the festival takes place in February. The festival aims to promote the blue artists from across the globe. Also, being a part of this music festival would give you an opportunity to explore the amazing nightlife of the beautiful city with some delicious street food.

GoMad fest

As the name suggests, the three-day long upcoming music festivals that can make anyone mad with its immense variety of music which includes, Folk, Pop, Metal, Electronica and such more popular forms of music. The festival is held at the Queens of Hill Stations, Ooty in October. Apart from music, the fest offers many recreational activities that could keep anybody entertained like paintballs, kids play zone and open bar.

India, celebrates every art as a festival and music is one such big festival that has the power to gather people from across the world and let live themselves. Hope, the list has helped you to decide the best one for yourselves. Thank you for reading.

Hello everyone, My name is Arjun and I'm a guitarist by profession which means I'm into music and have pretty much good information related to music, so I will be sharing the same to the world out there aspiring to be a musician.

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