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Types of Indian Instruments

Musical instruments are something which produces musical sounds and gives you peace. The price of the musical instruments like flute price India and other instruments differ from state to state. In this article we are going to tell you about some types of Indian Instruments.

  • Dholak – It is a two headed drum that produces sound when struck by hand. It is used as an instrument to produce sounds during marriage functions specially for dancing and enjoying. It has been originated in South Asia.
  • Sitar – It is a stringed instrument with pear shaped body with long,hollow wooden neck and bridge. When the strings are plucked they produce a very rich sound. It has originated from Indian Sub Continent. It is a very popular instrument in India as well as abroad. The flute price India is less then sitar price.

  • Tabla – It has always been the most important part of the Hindustani classical music. It is most important for bhajans, kirtans and other devotional events. It is used by sufi musicians specially in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.
  • Veena – It belongs to the stringed instruments and is widely used in Indian, carnatic and Hindustani classical music. There are different types of veena like Rudra veena, Saraswati veena and many more.
  • Bansuri – It has its origin from Indian Sub Continent. It is a side blown flute. By tapping the finger holes and blowing in the blow hole creates musical notes. It is played by musicians during devotional events or during folk music events.
  • Damru – It is two headed drum with body of wood. It consists of beads and knots in the leather cord which produces sound. It is very popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is known to be the instrument of Lord Shiva. Many kids also love this as it can be played easily.


  • Tanpura – Tanpura is also one of the stringed instrument. It sustains the melody of the another instrument or singer. It is very popular in Indian Music. It consists of 4 to 5 metal strings plugged one after the other. It does not play melody.

Indian Music has many instruments which play different melodies. You can search for prices of these instruments in internet like flute price India, or price of tabla in India. We hope this article will help you gain basic knowledge of these instruments. Music gives peace to the mind and creating melodies sharpens the mind.

Hello everyone, My name is Arjun and I'm a guitarist by profession which means I'm into music and have pretty much good information related to music, so I will be sharing the same to the world out there aspiring to be a musician.

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