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Types of Folk Song

India is a diversified country, which means it has house for various cultures, traditions, religions, cuisines and art forms. Talking about art form, music is one such art that has the potential to touch the hearts of people and what’s better than enjoying it in various forms, specifically considering the folk music. Undoubtedly, Folk music is the most iconic form of music that is loved by one and all. Exotic melodies, rare instruments, soulful words are what exactly that defines folk music in simple terms. In this article we will be discussing about the types of folk song so that you don’t miss out on any. Take a look below;


Many must be familiar with the term Lavani as it is one of the most popular form of music belonging from the western parts of India and is considered for dance music. Perhaps, the songs are sung by women and though being a folk style music, there are many classical elements involved which makes Lavani much more mesmerizing to the ears.


When it comes to sweet melodies and intense lyrics related to a routine life, Bihugeet tops the list. The songs speak about the life in the farmland, picturizing Assam, their dreams, hopes, courage and love. Bihugeet is beautifully combined with Bihu dance form and is usually performed over by a group of boys and girls dressed in their traditional attire.


Koli, a folk music belonging from Maharashtra is dedicated for the fishermen. The lyrics of this song speaks about life of the fishermen at the sea. Being a dance based folk music, it is generally paired with their typical dance form and is overall loud, energetic and paced at a faster rate.


Maand, a traditional folk style singing in Rajasthan is also recognized as a classical cycle, the lyrics of the songs describes the life in Rajasthan in its own way. Overall, it is neither completely a classical nor a folk music but is is definitely a gem to the music industry.


Kajari, another popular folk music style featuring classical influences have been originated from Mirzapur. The song is sung by women during the monsoon days when their husbands are away from them for way too long.

Though there are many other folk music styles, the above listed has been considered to be best of all in their unique ways and are extremely powerful to ears. To know more about types of folk song, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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