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How to form a Music Band?

Passion for music is what initiates an individual to pursue career in the same. Always dreamt about being a member of a rock band, well I would suggest to work on yourself well and then start with your own band. Once you gain the required amount of learning when it comes to playing an instrument and working on your voice, the next step could be to begin planning for your music band. There will be many obstacles in your journey, but it will definitely be worth it once you find the right people. In this article we will sharing tips on how to start a music band.

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Check out the list below;

Find Musicians

A rock band consists of 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 keyboardist and or pianist and a drummer, the lead singer can or cannot play an instrument if she/he wants too. So, start looking out for people, take auditions, put up ads on cafes and music stores. Go to open mic nights and check out on pubs. It will take time to chase the best players but it will be worth it so do not panic even if its takes months to get the right players in your team.

Pick upon genres

Once you find the right people, it is important to co-ordinate for producing great music and so picking up genre is very much important. Ask each of the members to bring music of their tastes in a pen drive and listen to each of it, this would help you to know the taste of each one of your band members and based upon their taste, pick up genres or create one.


To mark your identity in front of your audience, your attire plays an important role. Your attire would help them remember you better as well as describe your personality as a group. Stay consistent with your attire. Experiment with your outfits before finalizing the look and once done, pick up accessories that goes well with the outfit.

Band Agreement

Commitment is a tough word, its hard to stick to one particular work for months together and work on it. But what’s the use of forming a band if you are not sure that everyone would give their best and stay with you throughout. So, a band agreement would reduce the risk factor of breaking up of band where each member will be bound to work for the mentioned duration.

Last but not the least, practice, practice and practice! You must have heard the phrase which says “Practice makes a man perfect” and it surely does. So, find a space and schedule practice timing for a daily basis. Hope, after reading this article you got a brief on how to form a music band. To know more, stay tuned. Thank you.

Hello everyone, My name is Arjun and I'm a guitarist by profession which means I'm into music and have pretty much good information related to music, so I will be sharing the same to the world out there aspiring to be a musician.

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