The people who love music, they understand how music lives and evolves within them. Music helps to spread messages and also helps to inspire people around. It is necessary for the songwriters to write and compose their songs in such a manner that the listeners will listen to it from the very beginning till the end and also they should enjoy it so that they listen to it more and more.

Once the idea is clear, he can write the song in a much better and easy way. First you should decide on the title, a group of six to seven words which should become the heart of the song. Those seven words will often repeat and becomes the major part of the song. It should add energy to your song and should add life to the song. Next you have to think or imagine about the situations you can associate with the song.

You can also add the questions and the experiences you have had with the song. It adds a real touch to the song. Select the type for your song. The type can vary from song to song. There can be various types and the type that you select for the song should also match the character of the song.

There should be one question in each verse and you should also decide the answer to that particular question. Decide the emotion for your song.  Select the best instruments for your music. The instruments and the vocals should always match and go hand in hand. It should always go in chorus and the music should accomplish itself as the best in the hearts of the listeners.

The emotion which you select should be present throughout the song and try to emphasize on the emotion throughout the lines of the song. Once the structure of the song is ready, you should work hard on the lyrics and try to find the words and lines which suits the tone of the music. The lyrics should touch the hearts of the listeners.


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