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Yesterday, we shared our top 10 albums of the year so far. While it is a great list, it’s by no means what will end up on our year-end list with the amount of incredible albums still to come.

The Prototypes

This is one of those rare cases in which I’ve already been sent the album and it’s also been announced, so I can still talk about it (albeit, reservedly). And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it’s the duo’s best work yet and possibly the strongest Drum & Bass album of 2020. You’re definitely going to be surprised in the best way by some of the tracks, and the rest carry a polish and shine that is absolutely mindblowing.

Porter Robinson

Porter first revealed he had a new album coming toward the end of January, Nurture. Since then, we’ve gotten two singles released, “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting,” with a third, “Look at the Sky,” teased during his Second Sky live stream set.

Apart from that, we don’t know much else about this album, not the tracklist nor the release date. And seeing as COVID-19 will likely have long-reaching ramifications, we don’t know if the album will be pushed back for desire to pair it with a tour or not. Either way, we’re eagle-eyed for new info.


Wuki first teased a debut album back in February, but it wasn’t May that the first single came out, “Chicken Wang,” coming out with a bang with Diplo and Snappy Jit on the track. Coming out on HARD Recs, the same home as JOYRYDE’s debut album out earlier this year, we can expect a lot from this project.

Stay tuned for the next single and more info!


ZHU announced he has a new album coming this year back at Winter On The Rocks in February. Since then, we’ve gotten “ONLY” with Tinashe, and he just announced more new music coming this month. As with everything else about ZHU, the album is wrapped in secrecy and questions.

But again, like anything else about him, we’re expecting greatness nevertheless.


One of the few new superstars coming out of drum & bass in the last five or so years, Dimension’s debut album is sure to be at the top of anyone’s list come December. We got the first single from the project last month, but like all of the aforementioned albums in this list, we don’t know much else.

All the same, we’re looking forward to it immensely.


Of all the albums on this list, Tchami has dropped the most singles from his project and will probably be out the soonest. We’ve already gotten “Ghosts,” “Proud,” “Born Again,” and “Buenos Aires,” and they’re all classic Tchami and sound fantastic.

As far as forward thinking house albums, Tchami is the one to watch.


One of the two sort of, kind of, maybe confirmed albums on this list, this is mostly just an album we’d love to have. Zedd seemingly confirmed he had an album coming this year back in December 2019, but backtracked a bit in March saying, “Just to be clear: my album isn’t coming out ‘soon’. It’s coming out when it’s done and perfect.”

Then, in May, he teased a new classic/EDM hybrid piece on social media that he said would be coming on his new album. So is it coming out this year? Honestly, who knows. We’ve still got six months left in the year and there’s enough time if the first single came out this year to get the ball rolling. But for now, we wait and see.


Along with Dimension and The Prototypes, MUZZ is helping to make 2020 a phenomenal year for the DnB album. With three powerful singles, “Nemesis,” “Start Again,” and “Out There,” already released since the album was announced in mid-May, we can probably expect this album soonest along with Tchami. Not to mention, this is the Pendulum-esque fix we’ve been craving, in a MUZZ-centric style.

We love to see it.

Boombox Cartel

Boombox Cartel released his first album single, “Máquina,” back in March, but hasn’t said much about the album since. Even that single was delayed a week due to COVID-19, so it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that the album has been delayed, as well.

That being said, we just don’t know for sure.


No “albums to look forward to article” would be complete without Skrillex. It’s almost a requirement and a meme at this point to anticipate an album from Sonny, but all signs point to this being the year. Then again… we’ve heard that before.

There’s been no announcement, no single, no teaser… but he dyed his hair red and scrubbed his Instagram? So that has to mean something, right!?!

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