Music Events

Music at Different Events

Taste in music differs just taste in food does! Not everyone can like the music you choose to play, and music being the most important part of event has to be decided rightfully for the guests to keep them entertained. The right choice of music at an event can set the mood right so the […]

Music Bands

How to form a Music Band?

Passion for music is what initiates an individual to pursue career in the same. Always dreamt about being a member of a rock band, well I would suggest to work on yourself well and then start with your own band. Once you gain the required amount of learning when it comes to playing an instrument […]

Folk Music

Types of Folk Song

India is a diversified country, which means it has house for various cultures, traditions, religions, cuisines and art forms. Talking about art form, music is one such art that has the potential to touch the hearts of people and what’s better than enjoying it in various forms, specifically considering the folk music. Undoubtedly, Folk music […]